Crowns and bridges – is it time to change old ones with new ones?

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Crowns and bridges – the most common forms of fixed prosthetics which are patients interested in are crowns ( onlays) and bridges. Crowns are used for restoring the appearance and function of one tooth. Bridges are used for filling in holes in a teeth row caused by tooth extraction.

How long do crowns and bridges last?

It really varies from patient to patient and it depends on many elements. Bridge or crown can fulfil its purpose for several years without any problems if it is properly used and maintained by a patient. A crown or bridge mechanical impairment (an impact, teeth grinding, especially at night etc.) can sometimes be repaired without making a new crown or bridge Duration period of a bridge or a crown is most frequently limited with teeth that serve as a support for fixed – prosthetic work . So, the most important factor for their duration is proper and thorough hygiene and regular examinations. Inadequate or improper cleansing first leads to aesthetic problems and then to other work difficulties.

How to maintain crowns and bridges?

To keep crowns from damaging, don’t chew solid food, ice or other hard things. Apart from regular examinations at the dentist, teeth need to be brushed twice a day and cleaning between teeth is of vital importance. To keep crowns from damaging, chewing of ice or other solid objects and also teeth grinding should be avoided. Use interdental brush every day because it is the only thing that can help you clean plaque in the area around crown and bridge. Plaque provokes caries and periodontal diseases and it can be cause of unsuccessful coverage of a tooth with crown.

Removing of old fixed – prosthetic work may be due to:

  • degradation of biological tissue, supporting tooth or periodontal disease
  • fracture or deterioration of fixed – prosthetic work
  • changes in clinical conditions.

An old fixed – prosthetic work can be removed by:

  • sticky resins
  • ultrasound
  • manually, by means of pneumatic lifting device, a slider ( tapping lifting device/sqeegee), pliers with plastic or rubber extensions and various levers.

Nothing lasts forever and neither does fixed – prosthetic work. You can monitor the condition of your supporting and neighbouring teeth by regular examinations at the dentist,and in the best way possible, keep healthy and beautiful smile for a long time.

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