Gum diseases are caused by dental deposits

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Gum diseases – If sedimentary deposits stay on teeth, bacteria produce toxic substances which can irritate gums and damage teeth. That leads to gum inflammation which can cause swelling, sensitivity and bleeding during teeth flossing which actually represents gingivitis. Gingivitis is not permanent condition. It can be cured because the bone which supports teeth is not permanently impaired. Removing of plaque with floss and toothbrush on daily basis and regular cleansing at a dentist at intervals of 6 months to a year can help in preventing gingivitis. People with systemic diseases which create tendency to gingivitis need professional cleansing more often ( every two weeks to 4 times a year ).

If not healed in time, gingivitis can develop into more severe form of the gum disease called paradentosis.

Paradentosis damages bone and dental tissue which supports teeth. When it is developed, the damage cannot be eliminated: only professional treatment and enhanced daily tooth and gum care at home can prevent deterioration.

Proper oral cavity hygiene and regular dental visits can prevent inflammation of the gums. The best prevention, and in many cases the fastest remedy, is regular daily cleansing of dental deposits in two steps – brushing the teeth with soft toothbrush and cleaning the interdental area. Those two steps prevent accumulation of dental deposits on teeth surface and near gums.

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