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hijaluronski fileri

Hyaluronic fillers consist of pure crystal hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is safe and natural substance. It is a part of a human body and 50% of its total amount is found in the skin. It is a substance in a form of gel whose role is to support collagen fibers and other skin factors. Hyaluronic acid is resorbed during the natural aging process. It has multiple role in a body. It attaches water to itself, stimulates formation of collagen fibers and ties harmful, free radicals and, thanks to its production in the skin, increases skin tonus and its volume. Aging reduces the productive abilities of all tissues in the body and the production of hyaluronic acid also decreases as a result of which the skin is getting older, loses its elasticity and shine and wrinkles appear.

The essence of filler treatment

The essence of the filler treatment is compensation of the amount of hyaluron acid that our organism has resorbed over time. In fact, fillers are hyaluronic acid in a form of gel which is injected in the skin. In that way, we compensate our own substances which we have lost over the years in the places where it is necessary. Hyaluronic fillers are used for filling in already formed wrinkles in order for a person to look younger but they are now also being used for persons over 25 as a wrinkle prevention.

Dermal hyaluronic fillers fill in wrinkles and revitalise face. The main advantages of this treatment are procedure rate, safety and immediately visible results.

Hyaluronic fillers are intended for treatment of all facial regions. By injecting them into the skin, we fill in wrinkles, restore the lost volume ( by filling in cheeks, emphasizing the lost chin line, lifting the corner of the lips) and also perform skin rehydration caused by water molecule retraction. It has also been shown that fillers affect regeneration and production of new collagen. The most important thing is to emhasize that with hyaluronic fillers we can achieve and retain natural appearance of the face contours using. Actually, the face lifting effect is achieved by treating certain facial areas using special techniques. Hyaluronic fillers can be used for treating the area around eyes, forhead, cheeks and nasolabial wrinkles       ( from nose to lips). They can also be used for lip augmentation and, above mentioned, correction of the lower part of the face. Aside from the fact that hyaluronic fillers don’t harm the naturalness of the face and facial expression, inserting the hyaluron agrees with our skin. With aging, skin starts to lose hyaluronic acid, collagen, subcutaneous fat and elasticity. As a result of it wrinkles appear, face loses its volume and skin becomes tired and shineless due to gravity and constant use of muscles,. Hyaluronic fillers are the best solution for the people who wish to remove fine lines or deep wrinkles without surgery. They are the right choice for both women and men who want to resist aging. Entirely natural feeling and youthful facial look is achieved and that’s why they are so exceptionally popular worldwide. Fillers are also a safe nonsurgical treatment which alleviates skin scars by supplementing the damaged collagen structure under the skin.

Hyaluronic fillers are applied to different skin types. The selection of wrinkle removal treatment will be estimated during consultation with the doctor.

The treatment is simple, safe and painless and lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. The results are seen immediately after the treatment. Tensile, vigor and hydration effect is achieved. Filler is used to fill in skin crease volume so wrinkles completely disappear. Skin becomes smooth, the youth face structure returns which makes you feel younger and more comfortable. Experience shows that some patients feel discomfort at the place of injection which lasts couple of days after filling in the wrinkles. After the treatment, inflammation or mild swelling can appear and it usually lasts less than 7 days. Sunbathing and exposing to extremely cold wind should be avoided during the swelling and inflammation.

Why are the fillers better solution than other hyaluronic products?

Various creams and serums contain very small amounts of hyaluron. Besides, hyaluronic molecule can hardly penetrate deeply into the skin by external application alone. The effect is short and it’s not as visible as the effect of fillers. Fillers also influence target areas that need ‘ ironing’ and stretching.

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