Teeth bleaching – the fastest way to regain a radiant smile

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Do you know that while talking to you over 50% of people pay attention to your smile?

Change of the tooth colour is caused by external factors such as smoking and enhanced intake of tea, coffee and red wine. Trauma and congenital changes in hard dental tissue structure are also the cause of tooth coloration. Diseases such as fetal erythroblastosis, consumption of tetracycline during pregnancy, excessive intake of fluorine and aging are also causal agents.

Teeth bleaching is primarily an aesthetic problem, but it also solves any potential psychological problems caused by dissatisfaction with the existing natural colour of the teeth. There are number of methods which can be used for easy and effective elimination of coloured teeth, and the base of each of them is the effect of chemical substances – hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or sodium perborate. The most important thing for the patient is that all these techniques really work without any risk to the health of your teeth which is guaranteed by millions of patients who now have a beautiful smile. Of course, it goes without saying that every procedure is performed after a detailed examination at a dental clinic, supervised by a dentist and certainly – respecting dentist’s recommendations.

Teeth bleaching can be performed at dental clinic ( in – office bleaching) or at home ( home – bleaching).

If the bleaching is performed in a dental clinic, bleaching gel is applied directly to the teeth for period of 20 to 45 minutes. The procedure can be repeated in several sessions.

If the bleaching is performed at home, the procedure is as follows:

First, a jaw impression is taken at a dental clinic based on which the individual tray is made. Bleaching gel is applied to the tray and held in the mouth usually during the night ( 7 – 8 hours) although there are also daily variants with more concentrated gel which is held during the day ( 20 minutes to an hour). The tray with the gel is held 7 – 15 days in total depending on intensity of teeth coloration before bleaching and also the shade you wish to accomplish. The difference between in – office bleaching and home – bleaching is in the concentration of the active substance in the gel. Logically, in the case of home – bleaching, this concentration is lower so procedure itself takes longer but, in any case, the final effect is excellent.

Is bleaching permanent?

It depends on patient’s habits. If we want to keep our teeth white after the procedure, it is necessary to avoid consumption of things that cause enhanced coloration, such as tea, coffee, red wine and smoking at least two weeks after procedure itself. Toothpaste which improves and maintains colour after bleaching should also be used.

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