What happens to your teeth when you avoid regular visists to the dentist?

Visiting dentist every six months is a habit which we need to maintain if we want to have healthy and beautiful teeth and gums. Patient with poor dental hygiene, existing problems and bad genetic factors should go to a dentist even more often. Unfortunately, a fast lifestyle and fear of a dentist can lead to a situation where patients didn’t have teeth examinations for 10 or 20 years.

You haven’t visited a dentist for six months

At this point, you won’t be aware of caries that is developing in small cracks and teeth cavities and which will spread in time and begin to damage the whole tooth.

Sooner the caries is discovered, greater are the chances to prevent further problems.

You haven’t visited a dentist for a year

A year of neglecting dental interventions means that there is a great possibility of appearing of a gum disease and symptoms can be ache and bleeding. If this condition is not treated, it can lead to the teeth loss.

Unfortunately, in the attempt to reduce the pain, many people will start to rub their gums more gently which will further worsen the problem.



You haven’t visited a dentist for two years

The probability of dental disease and pain after two years increases considerably. Instead of removing caries, the problem which was so easy to solve once, now the need for pulp devitalization or tooth extraction can appear.

That means that you will visit your dentist couple of times, instead of once.

You haven’t visited a dentist for five years

Problems related to oral health which you had up to now could become very seious. Cysts and inflammations are just some of them. Also, after five years, there will be large quantities of tartar buildup which will only accelerate teeth decay.

You haven’t visited a dentist for ten years

Taking into concern that teeth tend to compress or crack in cases where no intervention was performed, condition of your whole mouth could be a major problem.

After a decade of neglect, it is most likely that the patient’s teeth have become sensitive and most probably used up.

Regular visits to a dentist may not only save your teeth but they can also reduce the risk of many other diseases. It’s little known that decayed can be the cause of heart illnesses, prostate problems, impotence, certain types of tumours and even stroke.

Even if your teeth are healthy, we advise you to visit dentist often so that the bacteria which can end up in bloodstream are constantly reduced by cleaning and regular check- ups.

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